Christmas Log Cake

I tried baking my first Christmas log cake last weekend for the friends that were coming over my place and it turn out pretty good. It’s not as difficult as I imagined it would be. There were some flaws with the cake, there were cracks it wasn’t quite round etc but it really doesn’t matter since the surface was covered with buttercream. And in my opinion a log is not full round either. So my log cake pretty much look like a piece of log. 

You will need to prepare 3 things for this Christmas Log Cake. The buttercream, filling and the cake. 

I did a post on Basic Swiss Meringue Buttercream, this is the same receipe I used here for my log cake. This should be the first thing to prepare, and you can do this the day before, keep it in the fridge and allow it to return to room temperature the next day before using it (or freezer if you want to keep it longer before using it). 

The second step is to prepare the chocolate ganache which is really easy with just two ingredients, 200g dark chocolate chips (room temperature) and 125ml heavy cream. Heat up the heavy cream in a saucepan, before it starts boiling, remove from heat and pour it over the dark chocolate chips. Allow it to set for 5 mins and mix the contents till smooth and no lumps. Leave it at room temperature, occasionally mixing it till it thickens like chocolate paste. This process will take a few hours too, so you can prepare this the day before as well, keep in the fridge and let it return to room temperature before using the next day. 

With the buttercream and chocolate ganache prepared, let’s work on the cake. 

Ingredients for cake: 4 egg whites (room temperature), 4 egg yolks (room temperature), 40g cake flour, 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder, 80g caster sugar. 

Pre-heat oven at 170 degrees C. Beat egg white till it starts to get foamy, add 1/4 portion sugar, beat till soft peak, and add another 1/4 sugar and beat till stiff peak forms. Set aside. In a separate bowl, beat egg yolks with remaining sugar till it turn pale, creamy and thickens. Fold in 1/3 of meringue into egg yolk mixture and using folding method, mix well without deflating the air. Continue till all meringue is added in and batter is well combined. Lightly mix cake flour with cocoa powder, sift together into batter and continue mixing using folding method till all is combined. Pour chocolate batter into baking tin (10″ square tin) lined with baking paper. Bake in pre-heated oven (170 degrees C) for 10 mins. 

Allow cake to cool while we work on the filling. The butter cream and chocolate ganache should all be at room temperature before you reach this step. 

Take 1/3 of buttercream + 3 tablespoon ganache and mix well in a small bowl. This will be the filling of your cake. The browned side is the inside of the cake. Spread the filling and roll the cake. Wrap in baking paper and keep the roll cake in the fridge for 30 mins. 

Mix the remaining chocolate ganache with all butttercream. Now we can set up the log cake. Cut both edges of cake, apply some buttercream and stick it on the side of the cake to resemble a log. You can start frosting the entire cake with the buttercream. Once you are statisfied with the coverage, you can use a fork to create lines on the frosting. The lines should not be too straight. 

Dust with cocoa powder and decorate it with ornaments and you are done! This cake is best serve at room temperature as buttercream hardens if keep in the fridge. Happy baking and  Merry Christmas!! 😄


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